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Wedding silver ring for brides

Wedding silver ring bride ring


Wedding silver ring is so attractive and makes you a unique one.

Heart silver necklace for women

Heart silver necklace women necklace


Heart silver necklace attracts the attention of every one which can be used at ceremonies and even at daily times.

Red silver earring for women

Red silver earring women earring


Red silver earring with its unique and eye catching look attaches the attention of every one.

Clips silver earring for women

Clips silver earring women earring


Clips silver earring with its strong lock can be used at every occasion.

Pearl silver earring for women

Pearl silver earring pearl earring


Pearl silver earring with its unique design makes you a unique one and attracts the attention of every one .

Stud silver earring for women

Stud silver earring women earring


Stud silver earring with its nice design is for stylish ones that can be used as wedding earring at wedding ceremonies.

Ball silver earring for women

Ball silver earring ball earring


Ball silver earring has made of sterling silver. Silver is anti – biotic and disinfectant. In the past , humans were treated with silver jewelry for infection and colds because it has therapeutic and germicidal properties.

Butterfly silver earring for women

Butterfly silver earring butterfly earring


Butterfly silver earring has made of sterling silver which is the most expensive metal after gold. Silver's brightness makes it a unique metal.

Leaf or Sunflower and Butterfly Rings Fashion Colorful Jewelry Rings

leaf butterfly women sunflower rings fashion jewelry rings


If you are a one who like sunflowers like every other woman, the sunflower ring is for you , this ring because of its unique style , is one of the best fashion jewelries you have ever seen