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new design silver wedding ring

new design silver wedding ring,the simple and stylish jeweled ring for stylish girls and women


new design silver wedding ring,The simple and stylish ring is for every girl who likes different style jewelries. The ring has a high quality.

silver fall leaf ring 

silver fall leaf ring,the new design silver fall leaf ring is for women and young ones


silver fall leaf ring,The handmade silver ring with fall leaf design is an attractive jewelry which can be a nice gift because of its unique and beautiful design. 

2019 adjustable fantasy rings

2019 adjustable fantasy rings,the new design jeweled adjustable ring for young women 


2019 adjustable fantasy rings,The adjustable silver ring has made of platinum with 3 layers rhodium plating, the zircon stones of the ring doubled its attractiveness . 

adjustable silver ring with gold plating

adjustable silver ring,the new design adjustable ring for women


adjustable silver ring,The adjustable ring is for some stylish ones in jewelry world. Some of fashion girls do not like to use rings but they prefer to use this kind of stylish rings. 

silver round stud earring

silver round stud earring,the new design jeweled round earring for every stylish woman


silver round stud earring,the earrings are of the most important jewelries for women which are very useful for every woman's style. The earrings are used to make ears more beautiful and nearly 700 years ago , even in ancient Asia , it has been popular .

earring with gold plating

earring with gold plating the 2019 new design golden earring with 3 colored stones is for stylish women


earring with gold plating the small jeweled earring is one of the newest earrings of 2019 , the earring is a different jewelry for fashion ones.  The earring has 3 layers golden plating with 3 purple , pink and yellow color stones .

white silver apple design earring with rhodium plating

white silver apple design earring,the new design pearl and apple earring is nice for every young woman


white silver apple design earring,The beautiful and classic silver apple design earring is a kind of drop earrings with a nice design and is famous among women. This kind of earring is for every stylish and young women.

The white silver ring with zircon stones

The white silver ring with zircon stones the new design jeweled luxurious ring is famous among women and is for every stylish one


The white silver ring with zircon stones . are you looking for a proper present for your wife 's wedding anniversary ? do you find any thing for your valentine's day ? the jeweled silver ring is the best choice for you and can effect her feelings . this kind of ring gives your fingers a unique look and attracts the attention of every one.

The white silver ring with colorful zircon stones and silver plating

the new design silver ring with white , yellow , blue and purple stones for women


The silver ring has 3 layers silver plating which make it more strength , the ring has fixed color with 5 stones , one of them is in purple color and big that attracts the attention of every woman , and the others are white and yellow small stones .