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Drop silver earring for women

Drop silver earring women earring


Drop silver earring is a kind of drop earrings which can be used as wedding earring at wedding ceremonies.

Snow silver earring for women

Snow silver earring snow earring


Snow silver earring is a high quality earring with a proper price.

Ball silver earring for women

Ball silver earring ball earring


Ball silver earring has made of sterling silver. Silver is anti – biotic and disinfectant. In the past , humans were treated with silver jewelry for infection and colds because it has therapeutic and germicidal properties.

New design silver ring for women

New design silver ring adjustable ring


New design silver ring has made of sterling silver with 3 layers rhodium plating which protects the jewelry from changing color.

Spiral silver ring for women

Spiral silver ring women ring


Spiral silver ring has castle design which attracts the attention of every one , the zircon stones on the design have doubled the ring's attractiveness.

Silver wedding ring for women

Silver wedding ring women ring


Silver wedding ring has made of 925 sterling silver with 3 layers rhodium plating which is anti sensitivity and is resistant against changing color. Most of women like to have a simple ring before their main ring.

silver wedding rings for women - GLOROSO

silver wedding rings women


silver wedding rings,with its cubic design is for women which can be used at wedding ceremonies

Silver wedding ring - GLOROSO

silver wedding,ring silver ring


silver wedding ring,has a simple design which is nice for new couples as their wedding ring

Silver wedding ring for women - GLOROSO

Silver wedding ring,silver ring


Silver wedding ring,has a high quality which can be used at wedding and engagement ceremonies

Silver wedding ring,for women - GLOROSO

Silver wedding ring,cubic ring


Silver wedding ring,is for girls who like simple jewelries . silver ring has low price with a high quality.